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Deborah Cole Micek aka "The Motivation MD"
President of RPM Success Group Inc. ®
Lead Teambuilding Coach & Lifestyle Strategist,
B. A. Psychology, C.P.B.A., C.P.V.A., Certified Professional Behavior & Values Analyst / Certified TeleClass Instructor

When you're looking to work with a Business Coach who has street-savvy insight combined with extensive corporate experience and professional training - you'll want Deborah on your team. Her clients report, "Having Deborah as my Coach is like having a partner in my business, without having to split to profits!"

Mentored by Top World Leaders in business and personal achievement, Deborah delivers dynamic, interactive coaching that helps you generate measurable results in a fraction of the time it would take to do on your own. Backed by practical proven resources your coaching with Deborah is just the advantage busy business owners like yourself need to prosper in today's click-and-mortar marketplace.

Whether you it's hiring and managing high performance teams, maintaining maximum levels of motivation, or keeping your focus on your greatest strengths, Deborah will help you get results in record time! .

Educational Background, Credentials and Certifications:

Distinctions in Deborah's academic life:

  • Graduated Validictorian
  • Palm Beach Atlantic College
  • B.A. Psychology, Rutgers University (1993)
  • Masters University Graduate, (Anthony Robbins 3-year Training Program - NLP techology - 2000)
  • C.P.V.A., Certified Professional Values Analyst (2001)
  • Certified TeleClass Instructor, TeleClass International (2002)
  • C.P.B.A., Certified Professional Behavior Analyst (2003)
  • Coach University Graduate (2004)
  • Personal apprentice of Jay Abraham, Stephen Pierce, Tony Robbins, and Robert Kiyosaki to name a few

Real World, Street-Savvy Experience:

After graduating from Rutgers University in 1993 with a BA in Psychology, Deborah continued to advance her knowledge utilizing a hands-on approach in the field of motivation and human development.

While working as a Director in a non-profit agency, obtaining practical experience, she applied numerous methods and evaluated the best approaches to peak performance. Continuing her commitment to constantly increase her knowledge, she invested her vacation time attending the best training courses in the world.

Attending the best Seminars, Trainings, TeleClasses, Conferences, and Experiential Workshops in the world, in addition to being personally coached by top leaders in business, marketing and peak performance, she accelerated her results in business as she implemented and adapted the leadership and human motivation practices she learned from the best in the world.

During one of the first leadership seminars she attended, she learned of a concept she committed to right then and there. This success principle is something the Japanese call "Kai zen," loosely translated as "constant, ongoing improvement." She knew that if she adopted this principle into her life, and applied it diligently to her own career, she would be far more effective in everything she got involved in, fast-tracking her success.

Increasing her knowledge in any way she could, whether in person, via TeleClass or devouring well over 853 Books/Tapes/CDs focused on business and personal development, Deborah and her partner John-Paul have created a step-by-step coaching program that is practical for the small business owner.

Furthering her own education and personal development, with a burning desire to continually improve her own skills while bringing her clients the best in N.L.P. (Neuro Linguistic Training / Programming) and human development strategies, she graduated from Mastery University in 1998 (offered through one of the Anthony Robbins Companies), received professional certification from Target Training International (TTI) as a Certified Professional Behavior and Values Analyst (C.P.B.A. and C.P.V.A.) in 1999 and graduated from Coach University in 2004, after building a large coaching practice.

She now combines her business experience with her formal training and work experience in the field of Psychology to move her coaching clients to the next level of success in both their business and personal life. Deborah brings you proven strategies in an inspirational way, all backed by scientifically validated tools in order to get you results in record time. Her clients report experiencing increased profits and renewed energy after just a few sessions with her.

Dynamic Interactive Coaching For Exponential Growth...

Deborah started her coaching with the most challenging audience possible—the "unmotivated" and "mandated" in the non-profit arena. This gave her a chance to perfect her influencing, motivation and negotiation skills to obtain results through and with people.

She quickly won the respect of her peers, supervisors and competitors as she climbed the executive leadership ladder at a rapid pace. Ready for the next challenge, she gave up a secure job and prestigious position in order to stretch her skills even further by starting her own international coaching business with her partner John-Paul.

As the demand for Private Coaching sessions from Deborah grew, she figured out a way to provide more people the coaching they deserved, while reducing the per hour investment required. Her company now offers accelerated knowledge to people in dynamic interactive group TeleClasses.

Clients rave about this new, economical way for everyone to benefit from the performance boosting impact of coaching in conjunction with proven course matrials. Her goal is to provide innovative ideas and inspiration to her Players, Clients and Students, helping them succeed and be their personal best.

Here's Deborah on a typical day, coaching one of her MVP's "Live" from her office in Hawaii and expressing her excitment with a big breakthrough..

"YES! You Got it! ...Exactly!"

As a Certified TeleClass Instructor, Deborah delivers the most dynamic and highly interactive coaching and trainings - right in the comfort of your own office. TeleClasses and Coaching Sessions are delivered straight from "Paradise." It's the source of the inspirational environment Deborah enjoys while she's in her office in Hawaii, situated on the North Shore of the island of Oahu.

But don't take our word for it. Just the other day a client wrote RPM Success Group to report,

"The Teleforum was outstanding! I have been taking Teleclasses for over 5 years. Deborah's Teleforum was by far the best TeleClass I have EVER taken. It also served as a confirmation of my role in business."

A Better Scorecard:

In 2000 when John-Paul and Deborah spent four weeks in Hawaii, they fell in love with the island paradise. They had already sold one of their businesses, and JP was in the process of selling another. Their new business coaching company RPM Success Group® Inc. was 100% virtual - so they decided that this was the perfect time to make a BIG move.

Deborah knows what it means to take major risks, she sold everything - her home, furniture, and comfortable surroundings and relocated their new growing coaching business all at once.

On October 1, 2001, she moved from one side of America (New York City / New Jersey metro area) to the other (Honolulu, Hawaii) without any guarantee of security or career. All for the so-called "risk" of going into business for herself. She put everything on the line, and was determined to create a system for success that would work not only for her and JP... but for any achievement oriented entrepreneur who wants more wealth, freedom, and personal fulfillment from their business!

Knowing what it takes to succeed at an accelerated pace, Deborah now coaches others how they can succeed no matter where they're coming from... or going to. She teaches a select group of clients (who have been screened and qualified,) the same system she used to make her dreams come true.

Experienced in coaching people from all walks of life, she enjoys each new challenge presented to her, and is now privileged to be working with high-achieving entrepreneurs who are "motivated" and committed to their goals. People who have a huge vision for their business and life appreciate her optimism and creative mind.

Breaking The Box Of Conventional Thinking:

For Deborah, Coaching people comes naturally, and is a way of life for her. It's not a job, it's a passion. In fact, Deborah acheived financial independence at the age of 33, through the success of one of her start-up businesses, started in 1998, and no longer "needs" to work another day in her life. And you benfit from that dedication and experience.

But quite frankly, your greatest benefit from working with Deborah is her unbounded creative mind. She's someone who simply thinks differently than others, and refuses to live with limitations. It's what allows her to attain results that others admire, respect and wonder how she does it all.

Where others see obstacles, Deborah sees opportunities waiting for the taking for those who act fast. Where others see challenges, Deborah sees a strategic advantage for her clients. Opportunities and advantages that will help you leap frog your competition. When you implement the creative solutions you'll develop with Deborah, you'll leave your competitors scratching their heads, wondering "what the heck just happened."

Adamantly against following the crowd, Deborah believes in blazing a trail, venturing into new opportunities that don't currently exist, and partners with clients who want to do likewise. The synergy created between Coach Deb and her Players is exceptional. A player puts it best when she states,

"Wow! After just two full months of coaching and going through every process you walked me through, my success strategies now seem so natural - part of every day life.

The coaching really worked in training my mind to think of successful solutions. It has really been wonderful - fantastic to work with you! Thank you SO much for your dedication to me through thick and thin, the good times and the bad. You're amazing!"

- Kerri McMahon
Chrysallis Spa

Working one-on-one with Deborah as your RPM Success® Business Coach is not for everyone...

Deborah elaborates on a guiding principle in her company,

"We refer to our clients as "Players" in the Game of Business. They're treated as the MVP's (Most Valuable Players) on the RPM Success Team. Each Player has a coach who is carefully selected to match his/her needs and motivational style. This helps us rapidly get results with each individual client.

Understanding is maximized and results are accelerated by 12 months or more compared to conventional training or coaching programs. We're proud to be the only small business coaching company that can generate these type of results by teaming the right coach with the right player."

Due to her speaking and product development schedule, Deborah no longer offers business coaching open to the general public. Players now must complete a qualification process to receive one-on-one coaching from her personally. Ask her the type of individuals work with an RPM Success Coach and she'll quickly tell you, "We only work with people who are seriously committed to their success, and want to play in the big league."

If you are "serious about success," contact Deborah personally. She would enjoy speaking with you and learning about your goals. Deborah is committed to helping you identify the best coach for you... even if it ends up and not being her or Another RPM Success Coach.

Deborah can be contacted directly at RPM Success Group toll-free at (888) 334-8151 or by e-mail through

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Deborah's favorite quote since she was 12 years old wraps up her philosophy and committment. It explains how and why she has absorbed so much in such a short amount of time:

"Wisdom is supreme; therefore get wisdom.
Though it cost all you have, get understanding."

- Proverbs 4:7



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